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Cécile Boëx will talk about the videos taken with mobile phones at the start of the Syrian mobilisations in Marchwhich show the scale of the revolt and the brutality of the repression.

Shot in a hurry, these videos are embodied, in the sense that bodies and emotions play a predominant role because they put the lives of those filming at stake. In this context, filming is no longer just documenting but becomes a way of living commitment and dealing with violence.

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Nevertheless, these forms of witnessing will gradually be formatted within an economy of truthfulness and efficiency supervised by NGOs or press agencies. This paper outlines the path of dispossession of filmed testimony, reducing image takers to technicians and subcontractors.

For his part, Stefan Tarnowski will place himself on the side of law keepers, the Syrian Civil Defence, also known as the White Helmets, which began wearing body-mounted GoPro Cameras on their helmets for training purposes. After the footage began to circulate, the White Helmets became the targets of one of the first major coordinated disinformation campaigns.

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Theorists have long questioned the power of human rights videos, despite its early promise, to achieve its aims as part of a politics of humanitarian concern. This follows a common narrative arc surrounding technology, from the optimism that its power can be used for good, to the pessimism of its appropriation for malign ends.

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What are the resonances and dissonances between theories of technology and the accounts of those who use them? La rencontre est ouverte au march de la rencontre en ligne 2020.

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